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2009 April Luncheon

Guest Speaker Jeff Crilley has members rolling with his "It's a tie" joke.

Jeff Crilley assists PDC Chair David Harry in drawing for half-off tuition.

Jeff Crilley discusses his son's book.

Jeff Crilley proposes a PR stunt to help member Brandon Bullard attract potential employers.

Jeff Crilley shares his Elvis Turkey story with Chapter 36 members at the April Luncheon.

IRWA April Meeting

President Donna Harrison makes announcements ap the April Luncheon.

Member Patrick Moon receives RW-NAC.

Member Raymond Edmondson receives RW-NAC.

PDC Chair David Harry explains course discounts for Chapter 36 members.

PDC Cheryl Bennett urges members to get certification apps turned in before changes take affect.

Member Chair Marcus Boyd receives RW-RAC from President Donna Harrison.

Member Chair Marcus Boyd welcomes new member Leonard Edwards.

Member Margaret Lein receives SRWA.

Marcus Boyd is a good sport and catches the roll thrown by Jeff Crilley.

Marcus Boyd welcomes new member Dalton Vann.

Marcus Boyd welcomes new member David Eguia.

Marcus Boyd welcomes new member Denise Nolan.