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***2019-2020 Officer/PDC Nominations Form now available!***

It's that time again! To make your nominations for Chapter 36 Officers, complete the nominations form available here.

***Donald J. Sherwood Scholarship Application now available!***

The annual Chapter 36 Donald J. Sherwood scholarship awards program is fast approaching. This is a time to honor your kids at college and a little relief for the bank account. I encourage everyone who is attending school to apply for a scholarship. The qualifications are contained in the official application form, available here.

***Spring Seminar and Golf Tournament Sponsors Needed!***

Click here for the sponsor brochure.

***Welcome to your new website!***

Welcome emails were sent to all members on file with IRWA Chapter 36 at the time of launch. If you did not receive a welcome email to your inbox, check your spam folder or look into having the @irwachapter36.org domain whitelisted in your email client. New members should receive welcome emails once they are approved and added to the member roster.

Your first time accessing the Member's Area of the site (even to register for a luncheon) will require you to establish NEW login info. Your username is your email address on file with IRWA Chapter 36. You will set your own password your first time accessing the site.

If anyone has any questions or issues regarding chapter communications, email the website chair at websitechair@irwachapter36.org