PDC & Scholarships


Donald J. Sherwood, SR/WA Scholarship:

It is time to apply for the annual Donald J. Sherwood, SR/WA Scholarship! Multiple recipients will be selected to receive this scholarship, so please don’t hesitate to put your hat in the ring!

The completed application packet must be submitted to Kristen Bennett, SR/WA, Chapter 36 Scholarship Committee Chair, no later than midnight on Thursday, April 22, 2021.  For more information, please see the application packet.

This year’s scholarship program is made possible in part by donations made in memory of our beloved colleague and friend, Greg Cook. 

Click here to download scholarship applications.

20/20 Vision Scholarship Program:

Thanks to the success of the 40 for 40 Program, the RWIEF is pleased to announce a new scholarship: The 20/20 Vision Scholarship Program! This scholarship is targeted to new professionals in the infrastructure real estate industry seeking to advance their careers through IRWA credentialing.

Click here to download scholarship applications.

Important Information:
Applicants must be an IRWA member in good standing for at least one year and committed to achieving the RWA and/or the RWP credential. Previous 40 for 40 Scholarship winners are not eligible. Funding can only be used towards eligible course registration fees, and courses must be completed by June 30, 2023. Once courses are complete, recipients must fill out a completion application and submit it to the IRWA Credentialing Manager, Francis Vicente, at [email protected] along with the $50 processing fee. 

The updated application form can be downloaded and submitted through IRWA’s official website under the “Education” tab, which includes more scholarship program information. Please remind members to open the application with Adobe for best results.


The SR/WA Designation
SR/WA - Senior Member, International Right of Way Association - is the most prestigious professional designation granted by IRWA to members who have achieved professional status through experience, education and examination.

The SR/WA designation requires training and examination in several major right of way disciplines. The SR/WA designation says, "I have more than five years of right of way experience, plus I have had formal training in a wide variety of right of way areas."

The SR/WA professional may be a specialist in one area such as acquisition, relocation or law, but also must be familiar with the other disciplines associated with the right-of-way profession. The SR/WA designation is the only designation reflecting evidence of professional attainment in the right of way field.

For more information please visit the International Right of Way Association at www.irwaonline.org or contact the Chapter 36 PDC Chair.