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The SR/WA Designation
SR/WA - Senior Member, International Right of Way Association - is the most prestigious professional designation granted by IRWA to members who have achieved professional status through experience, education and examination.

The SR/WA designation requires training and examination in several major right of way disciplines. The SR/WA designation says, "I have more than five years of right of way experience, plus I have had formal training in a wide variety of right of way areas."

The SR/WA professional may be a specialist in one area such as acquisition, relocation or law, but also must be familiar with the other disciplines associated with the right-of-way profession. The SR/WA designation is the only designation reflecting evidence of professional attainment in the right of way field.

FOR more information please visit the International Right of Way Association at www.irwaonline.org or contact the Chapter 36 PDC Chair.