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2021 IRWA Chapter 36 - Education Schedule

Click the titles for the registration form and more information.

Course 102: Ethics
March 31, 2021 (Instructor-Led In Person Only - Lora Gunter)
This course is intended to help resolve ethics and compliance issues by providing the information, tools and resources necessary to make good decisions. Participants will leave this course with an overview of IRWA’s Code of Conduct, Rules and Standards. These are what guide us and provide an understanding of how to apply this knowledge in serving our clients and members in the utmost ethical manner while always striving to fulfill our purpose of “improving the quality of people’s lives through infrastructure development.

March 31, 2021 - Class Member rate - $265
Member late (after March 9, 2021) - $290
Non-member rate - $330
Non-member late (after March 9, 2021) - $355

Course 421: Valuation of Partial Acquisitions
April 19-22, 2021 (Instructor-Led Virtual Class - Dalton Vann)
Participants will learn how to determine and appraise the larger parcel, techniques for appraising the part acquired, identifying and measuring various types of damages and how to value the remainder after acquisitions. The course introduces ways to handle special benefits and explores the before and after approach (how, why and when), and includes numerous exercises and case studies to aid in understanding.

Member Rate - $775
Non-Member Rate - $935



Due to the changes in personal and professional policies that have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, we have cancelled several in person classes and halted our educational schedule.  Headquarters has taken up the daunting task of creating a safe virtual reality space, so that our members can continue meeting their training and certification needs.  So how do we move forward?

If you need a class, headquarters has a calendar of virtual classes that are coming up.  They are located at IRWA Virtual Classes Calendar.  Please note that the current maximum attendance capacity for these classes are 20 students

If time is not on your side and you cannot wait for a scheduled VR class or if a class has reached full capacity prior to your registration, then there are several courses that can be taken on demand.  They can be accessed by going to IRWA U.

*When you are registering for these virtual and on-demand classes, please make sure to identify yourself as a chapter member*

If your company would like to host a closed/ private course, we will be happy to work with you on scheduling the instructor and help coordinate the class.  Just send us an email.  https://irwachapter36.org/Education

For the 2020 – 2021 year, we are happy to have the following individuals volunteer their time for the Education Committee.

Chapter EDC Coordinator – Gina Phalen
Chapter EDC 3rd Year – Lauren McCarthy
Chapter EDC 2nd Year – Dorrien Himes
Chapter EDC Chair – John Bennett

How to Register

There are several ways you can register. To take advantage of discounts that are only available to Chapter 36 members, fill out the registration form in the links above and send it to the listed course coordinator. Region 2 Young Professionals also receive a discount on Chapter 36 courses and to receive it, you must fill out the registration form in the links above and send it to the listed course coordinator. You can register online through the International Education page but you will not receive any Chapter 36 discounts if you do. Where the registration form references "member tuition" that refers to the tuition rate that all IRWA members receive, not the discount that you get for being a member of Chapter 36. Not all chapters offer discounts and those that do have varying discounts, so International cannot credit you with discounts through their registration website.

Are we providing the classes that you need? What classes do you need for your recertification, SR/WA, specialty certification, or to help perform your job? If the classes that you need are not being offered, reply to our education chair.

Discounts and Fees

In addition to the reduced tuition rate for being a member of the IRWA, Chapter 36 members qualify for additional discounts, but you MUST send your completed registration form to the course coordinator listed for the class. No discounts are available if you register through the International education page. The following class discounts are available if you qualify. Chapter 36 members receive a $50 discount for one-day classes or an $85 discount for multi-day classes. Region 2 YPs (under the age of 40) also receive an additional $50 discount for on-day classes or an $85 discount for multi-day classes.

Chapter 36 Routine Course Discounts

Volume Discount - buy 3 seats in one class and get the 4th one free! (contact education chair)

Course Pricing and Fees

One-day Course

  • IRWA Member Tuition - $265

  • Chapter 36 Member - $215

  • Chapter 36 YP - $165

  • Region 2 YP - $215

  • Chapter 36 Retired - $165

Two-day Course

  • IRWA Member Tuition - $415

  • Chapter 36 Member - $330

  • Chapter 36 YP - $245

  • Region 2 YP - $330

  • Chapter 36 Retired - $245

Three-day Course

  • IRWA Member Tuition - $565

  • Chapter 36 Member - $480

  • Chapter 36 YP - $395

  • Region 2 YP - $480

  • Chapter 36 Retired - $395

Four-day Course

  • IRWA Member Tuition - $755

  • Chapter 36 Member - $670

  • Chapter 36 YP - $585

  • Region 2 YP - $670

  • Chapter 36 Retired - $585

SR/WA Exam Fee

  • IRWA Member Tuition - $100

Standard Late Fee - $75 (begins 30 days prior to class date)

All Chapter 36 members who attend monthly luncheons will be entered into a drawing to win a free one-day or two-day course at the end of each meeting. Must be present to win!

IRWA New SR/WA Credentialing Program

X marks the spot: If you are looking for an easy way to figure out which courses you need to become credentialed, click here to download this Excel file to help you identify which courses you need under the education requirements that became effective January 1, 2016. Special thanks to Chapter 36 member, Guy Bradley for putting this together. (This spreadsheet is not endorsed by the IRWA - verify official class credit with the professional development committee chair or Francis Vicente, Francis [email protected]) If you have any questions about the classes you need to become certified or designated, contact the PDC chair.